MakeYourWallpaper Corporate

For the price of a monthly bannerEnsure a corporate wallpaper identity without restricting your employees. MakeYourWallpaper Corporate makes it easy to pursue a corporate identity on displays with personalised corporate wallpapers.

Company features

choose your logo position!You get to set the coporate logo and and the corporate identity color, on any screen. This will help you to convey the corporate identity in showrooms, offices and boardrooms before the presentation begin. You are able to configure the logo dimensions, margins from the edge, background color and the logo position.

  • Corporate identity on every computer screen
  • Easy to use
  • Company wallpapers with a human touch

Employee features

The company logo stays on topYour employees are able to place their preferred images on their desktop, which helps them to feel at home. This is becoming more relevant since the increase in flex desks and flexspaces, where employees may feel anonymous. They can upload numerous images, however the company logo stays on top.


Set the company profile and spread the company specific link to your colleagues / employees.


Try corporate wallpaper

Follow the link below to try the sample corporate wallpaper.

Get corporate wallpaper

Be sure to test the webapplication on computers in the corporate environment, currently only Firefox and Chrome are supported

Option 1: $ 195,- | annual renewal

  • My company has less than 500 computer displays
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Option 2: $ 395,- | annual renewal

  • My company has between 500 and 5000 computer displays
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Option 3

  • My company has more than 5000 computer displays
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  • Please contact us for a customized offer