Help corporate

After receiving the email with your login information you can start setting up your company’s corporate wallpaper.

Profile page

After login you will be able to edit your profile page, here you are able to edit general credential information as well as changing your password and  change your company wallpaper settings.

Corporate wallpaper settings

The last three sections concern your corporate wallpaper settings.

  • Company logo
    • This field allows you to upload your company logo as an *.gif, *.jpg or *.png image. Use an image with a width of at least 1000px. This will ensure that even employees with large computer displays will see a sharp logo on their wallpaper. The logo should be sliced on the logo’s edges to respect the margin setting in the profile.
  • Company wallpaper link
    • This is the link which you employees or colleagues need to know, spread it by e-mail or your company’s intranet for example.
  • Company wallpaper settings
    • Logo width: this is the width in pixels of the logo which will be exported, this should be based on the average screen dimension of your company.
    • Logo margin: this margin in pixels will be added to the top, sides and bottom of the logo, as can be seen in the image below.
    • Logo placement: The logo can be placed in the four corners of the desktop
    • Wallpaper background color: Your company’s color in hex notation FF6600.

Sample walpaper with measurements

The wallpaper dimensions