Ok I’ve seen enough…Take me to the appWelcome to MakeYourWallpaper we provide an easy way to create personalized wallpapers for any resolution. A perfect solution to see your personal pictures in combination with a clear desktop view.

Upload multiple images

Create wallpapers with multiple images. You may use many images. Be creative and combine images from the web with your personal images.

Insert various picture formats and export to all common resolutions

Multiple images and all the common resolutions!Makeyourwallpaper supports all common resolutions. It provides a fast and easy way to show your pictures, landscape as well as portrait, on your desktop. While keeping your desktop icons visible and clear.

Calender option available

Add a customized calender every month to check dates in an easy way.


If you like to use MakeYourwallpaper, please help me to improve it. You can send feature requests or comments, sensible feature requests will be placed on the roadmap. A small donation is another way to keep MakeYourWallpaper running and improving
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